How do people perceive you?

  Are you certain of that?

T  Squared Leadership, LLC offers state of the art, leading assessment tools and  analysis to help you to know yourself and others.  We can guide you through the myriad of  assessment options and determine which assessments are right for you and your  team, taking into consideration your current situation, challenges and  goals.  All of these assessments can be  completed online and the results are available to you within the week. The  instrument is used as a learning tool to help you discover how you go about  doing what you do and how you are perceived by others. The tool also gives us a  first pass view of the behaviors that you are engaging in that are either  enhancing or inhibiting your effectiveness with others.

T Squared Leadership, LLC utilizes  the following assessment instruments:

  • DISC
  • CCL 360-Degree Feedback Assessments
  • CPI 260®
  • Myers-Briggs ® (MBTI – Step II)
  • FIRO-B®
  • Numerous other multi-rater assessments


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The  DISC instrument that T Squared Leadership, LLC uses is the ultimate state of the art, accurate, comprehensive,  and individualized profile of its kind on the market.  The statistical  accuracy of this instrument and report is astonishing.  Most people who  have taken this specific instrument tell us that the analysis report describes them “very  accurately” and that it was a  very helpful tool in becoming more effective.

The  26-page report is available immediately so that you can begin to use the analysis right away.

View a Sample DISC  Analysis Report

360-Degree  Feedback®
CPI  260®
Myers-Briggs  (MBTI)®

                  T Squared Leadership has the ideal assessments for you.
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