Strategy Development Facilitation

Facilitation of the process of your senior team through the formulation or clarification of strategic plans

Management & Leadership Essentials

This 6-month development program will introduce the process of management model, the skills needed to optimize the performance of a team, and time to practice these skills on the challenges the manager is currently encountering.

The objective of the Management Essentials Program is to engage managers in learning, practicing and be utilizing core management and leadership skills that support the objectives of your organization.  You will learn both the tactical and strategic skills needed to improve the effectiveness of your team.


You’re the Coach

This 6-month You’re the Coach program provides individuals at all levels of the organization with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to successfully coach and influence others. In order to effectively coach someone, you are not required to be an expert. A strong ability to listen and engage are the basic skills required in the program.

You’re the Coach will teach employees how to utilize key coaching skills. These are not overly complex or rigidly structured. They allow ease of application in a setting where a particular process or format must be followed.

  Program objectives

  • ƒknowledge transfer increase and effective information sharing within teams and across vertical silos
  • ƒ creating a culture of people helping people across the organization
  • ƒcontinuous development and growth
  • ƒpeer coaching and communicating for success
  • ƒskills and tools necessary to effectively coach and influence others