Newsletter: Assessments in a Nutshell

Does the world of personality assessments mystify you? Do you audibly gulp when you hear the words MBTI, D.I.S.C, 360-Degree Feedback, Wilson Learning Systems, Firo-B, Myers-Briggs, etc.? Which should you use? How accurate are the results? When should you assess?…and the questions go on and on. Don’t worry, the information in this article will assist you in sorting through some of the more commonly asked questions connected with assessments in the workplace and get you started.


WIIFM? What‘s in it for me! Let’s answer this basic question and get underway While all of the personality assessment are useful and serve specific purposes, the what’s in it for me is to understand yourself and others clearly in order to motivate, manage and work successfully both on your own and with others. Assessments are not judgments about a person’s morals, intellect or skills. There are no right or wrong personality types revealed in the assessment process. Assessments reveal a person’s natural behavior—a behavior that is unchanging no matter the job or situation.   Assessments also reveal a person’s adaptive behavior which is the way he or she acts as a result of the current environment.

Assessments are tools to understand and be understood more clearly by similar and dissimilar personalities in business and personal environments. Managers can more readily understand what makes their employees successful or “stuck” in situations and how to lead all types of personalities. Teams that have been trained in behavioral styles can communicate effectively with each other, show improved productivity, less protracted conflicts and are more committed to their goals. Individuals in sales positions are able to increase their sales by understanding the personalities of clients and decision makers by tailoring the sales pitch to match. The payback period for a company investing in personality assessments is virtually immediate. What’s more, assessments are effective for all levels of employees along the corporate ladder and all sizes of businesses from the new kid on the block to the CEO.

Getting Started with the Assessment Process

Personality assessments are relatively easy to administer. Many can be taken on-line in less than 30 minutes. What is next after taking the assessment? The professionals at T-Squared Leadership, LLC will evaluate and review the results of an assessment with explanations so that you can immediately reap the benefits of the information that comes from the assessments.

Cost Effectiveness of Assessments

Most assessments are quick to administer. In terms of hiring the right person, motivating and retaining the employee, the assessments are invaluable. The value of assessments to team effectiveness can’t be overlooked. Depending on your business needs, the assessments range from $85 for a D.I.S.C. assessment to $500 for the most comprehensive and in depth assessments.