Newsletter: Your Focus is Crucial

To inspire results that make an impact, your focus is crucial.

Have you ever noticed that two different managers can have similar jobs, responsibilities, backgrounds and skills, but vastly different results? I often see this very phenomenon among my coaching clients.

Similar complexity of business challenges, similar levels of intelligence, but very different results. One manager struggles to stay on top of all the interrupts and issues raining down and just can’t seem to make progress. The other manager proceeds proactively achieving better results with less energy and effort. So what makes the difference?

The answer to this question is elusive, but, a principle that if applied consistently, is a powerfully inspiring performance tool.  So, let me demonstrate for you how this principle works by asking you to do the following simple exercise.

Consider carefully these two questions:

  • Specifically, what do I intend to accomplish within the next 30 days?
  • What is the key vision I wish to communicate to my team?

You now have some specifics in mind. For each specific, ask yourself, “Why do I have this goal and vision?” Continue to ask “why” to get to the root. Now you understand and have defined what you desire to accomplish.

Write down what it is that you desire to accomplish as clearly and concisely as possible post this statement prominently by your computer. Review it often to make the statement second nature to you.

Now, the process gets easier and more fun. As issues and interruptions arise (and they will), consider the following question.

How can I use this issue or interruption as an opportunity to communicate my vision, illustrate what I intend to accomplish, or further my cause?

The secret is…

  • To view issues, challenges and interruptions encountered as opportunities to demonstrate the vision you want to communicate. You model this by your words, actions, and responses daily in these situations.
  • To be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish.

Alignment of your words and actions is a powerful leadership example and strategy. Avoid the pitfall of communicating one thing, but acting in a different manner.

You will be amazed at how many opportunities arise enabling you to clearly communicate through your words and actions, the vision you have for your team or organization.