I’ve really had a tremendously positive experience

April 29, 2016

Tom, I’ve really had a tremendously positive experience during this life-phase.  And nearly every single day I am reminded of something I learned during my time with you, and I attribute a great deal of my interpersonal success to both the work we did together and the kind conversation we had just before I left.  Every day I continue to appreciate the positive experiences that you help create through your life work.  I really admire your passion and pursuit of it.  There’s another word, but I’m not sure what it is: having the wisdom and insight to see, value, and stick with the priorities you know are most important.  Something like faith, I think, in yourself, and in knowing what’s important.

I sincerely hope that your life experience is brilliant and beautiful, and that it will continue to be so.

With love and greatest appreciation,